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Turnkey Portable Buildings: The Only Portable Building That Gives You An Instant Solution To Your Space Problems.

With years of experience solving site office and overcrowding problems for dozens of businesses and homeowners throughout Australia, we have a portable building that is just right for you! We are confident there is a portable site office or granny flat here for you. If not, we’ll custom make it to your exact requirements.

Turnkey Portable Buildings ENDS cramped working conditions, accommodation problems, or gives you a rental income at your home, and:

  • Saves you BIG money by buying direct from the manufacturer.
  • Everyone’s different! Some customers buy “off the shelf” to save money and fit it out themselves, while other customers have us customise their Granny Flat, portable site office or accommodation with electricity, wall insulation, air conditioning and much more. Those choices are yours!
  • Erect a Granny Flat to generate a consistent weekly rental income and enjoy some tax benefits.
  • Gives you a great value product with a high resale value.
  • It’s instant accommodation that’s attractive, affordable and practical for people and businesses.
  • You receive our 6 Service and Quality Assurance Guarantees.
  • You can ‘pick and move’ your building as many times as you like.
  • Your site offices or Granny Flats are fabricated from quality steel frames, welded by expert craftsmen, not teenagers, and meet all Australian standards.
  • You can get delivery available in flat-pack or pre-assembled, which makes assembly quick, easy and painless.
  • Customers rave about how our DIY Granny Flats and portable accommodation have improved their business or home lives, and how they’re great quality for a great price.
  • We take care of delivery Australia-wide.

Would you like to hear more about how Turnkey Portable Buildings will benefit your home, company or business? Fill out the form above or call us on 0476 042 074.

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So Far, We’ve Helped Homeowners, Holiday Park Owners and Companies Throughout Australia Overcome Cash-Flow Shortages, Overcrowding and Cramped Working or Accommodation Living Conditions With Our Quality Granny Flats and On-site Portable Offices or Buildings.

From the Desk of Turnkey Portable Buildings.

Dear homeowner,

Looking for more space? Or are you looking for a proven way to generate extra income without having to take up a second job? Or maybe you’re looking to add more room to your home, or are worried about aged care costs for an elderly relative, or you just want to add value to your existing property without moving or renovating? Maybe you’re in the building, agriculture or mining sector and are looking for a multi-purpose portable site office, first aid or training room, or other portable building or accommodation?

Whether it’s business or personal, Turnkey Portable Buildings gives you the Granny Flat or Modular Portable Building that’s the right solution for YOU!

Your Turnkey Portable Buildings structure gives you a larger living space at home, puts a steady rental income into your pocket every week, or adds a portable site office or site accommodation to hold meetings, conference calls or training sessions in as little as 45-60 days, with virtually no effort on your part.

Sounds impossible and too good to be true? It isn’t… We’ve been helping businesses and homeowners achieve these remarkable results for years, by effectively eliminating their overcrowding, portable accommodation housing problems, and their problems with shortage of space. Simply put, we solve your portable accommodation, overcrowding, cash flow or lack of space problems with steel framed quality Granny Flats and Portable Buildings.

Pictured Below Is Our Standard Colour Range, click here for more info:

And now homeowners, businesses and companies are enjoying:

  • Better working and accommodation space and conditions on their building, mining, agriculture and development sites.
  • Some homeowners are making life easier for themselves by generating extra income renting their Granny Flat or Portable Building out.
  • Other homeowners have increased their living space without the added costs of moving or renovating.
  • Other businesses have increased their accommodation capacity and occupation rates, which in turn has catapulted their profits.
  • And some homeowners have moved their elderly relations into one of our Granny Flats and Portable or Modular Accommodation Houses and saved a fortune on the ongoing costs of mature aged care services.

Would you like to see some proof?

“With a growing Bed and Breakfast business, it came down to turning income and guests away or creating more accommodation for them. Well, turning income away isn’t right, so we bought five Granny Flats from Turnkey Portable Buildings and couldn’t be happier. The guests love them, they’re cosy and quaint. We did modify them a bit, but that wasn’t a problem for Turnkey Portable Buildings. With the extra 5 Granny Flat accommodation houses we got, we have increased our occupation rates and our income by about $5,500 a month on average. We’ve got plenty of room left on the property too, so plans are in the works to buy another five just before the end of the financial year. A great move for a growing business. Bye for now.”

Dottie and Max Thompson, Queensland

Call 0476 042 074 now for your FREE Turnkey Portable Buildings information package, or complete the online form at the top of this page. There’s no obligation whatsoever, but you do need to order your FREE information pack ASAP, as they tend to go really quickly! Just call 0476 042 074 or fill out the online form, and we’ll rush your FREE information pack to you.

Don’t let your staff, living standards or business suffer because of a shortage of space or cash flow. Contact us today, and find out how easy and affordable it can be to get my help to generate a second income renting out your Granny Flat or get site accommodation for your staff.


Dev Barthakur
Dev Barthakur
Turnkey Portable Buildings

The only portable building that gives you an instant solution to your space problems.