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What Type Of People And Businesses Buy A Portable Building Or Granny Flat?

Why? Because our Granny Flats and Portable buildings deliver a quality home that gives you additional living options and combats the high costs of moving or renovating.

With more and more homeowners deciding to stay put instead of moving house due to the cost of relocating and upsizing, many homeowners are installing our Granny Flats and Portable Buildings in their yards.

The reason for this is that they deliver an affordable solution to acquire extra living space when you do not have enough room in the main house, or when you need accommodation for guests or for mature and elderly relations who wish to be close to their family.

This saves them time and money, and adds value to their property for future resale.

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Why? Because our Granny Flats and Portable Buildings are a great way to add additional income to your property portfolio.

With a growing population and a crucial shortage in rental properties, some property investors are now installing our Granny Flats in the back and front yards of their existing investment properties.

The benefits of this are two-fold. Not only can they generate more income from their investment property, as they can rent it out as a separate dwelling, but they also increase its overall value considerably.

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Why? Because putting one of our quality Granny Flats or Portable Buildings is proving a great way for homeowners to create residual income and add value to their existing home.

Sadly, the great Australian dream of home ownership is becoming just that, a dream! With an estimated 1.52 million Australian families who have defaulted on their last mortgage repayment, and some homeowners putting mortgage repayments on their credit card to avoid falling into arrears, rental properties are in big demand.

Residential homeowners are realizing this, which is why more and more of them are installing granny flats in their own properties to generate additional income.

They’re a cost-effective living arrangement and solution to a massive rental shortage, and a great strategy to generating extra income and adding value to your home.

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Why? Because you can ‘pick up and move’ our buildings whenever you like, and supplying better accommodation choices attracts better employees, increases productivity, and provides excellent working conditions.

Working and living in an Australian mining camp is hard enough for the employees, the employers and the friends and family they’ve left behind!

With a complete range of steel framed quality Granny Flats and Transportable Buildings, Turnkey Portable Buildings is the expert in helping mining companies solve their accommodation problems cost effectively and professionally.

Don’t forget, we can deliver in flat pack or pre-assembled, and you may be eligible for special bulk rate pricing, subject to the number of portable buildings you’re after.

To find out more, call 0476 042 074 today!

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Why? Because more and more Aussie families are holidaying together, and they want to be comfortable.

As a caravan park or holiday park owner, you know more and more grey nomads, families and large groups of people are visiting and opting for a caravanning and holiday park accommodation.

And why not? The majority of caravan and holiday parks have great facilities, great locations, are affordable and friendly.

At the moment, more and more enterprising caravan, resorts and holiday parks are contacting us interested in bulk order special pricing so they can install and rent out our Granny Flats as holiday accommodation.

Pick up the phone and call us on 0451 876 943 now to find out more.

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Why? Because a Turnkey Portable Buildings structure is a cost-effective and flexible multi-purpose solution that can be used in more ways than one.

Need a meeting room, first aid room, site office, reception or training room for your development, building site or project?

With an affordable range of portable offices, site offices, receptions and meeting and training rooms and Granny Flats to choose from, you’ll receive a much higher quality product and faster delivery anywhere in Australia than our competition.

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Why? Because having an Turnkey Portable Buildings structure¬†at your place means you’ll create extra income by renting it out, you’ll have someone there to help you and keep an eye on things while you’re away, or your own guesthouse for visitors.

Baby Boomers and retirees are usually at a point in their life where the kids have moved out, the house is quiet, they have some money in their pockets, and they own or have some equity in their home.

Many of our customers are Baby Boomers and retirees, and they tell us they buy our portable buildings so they can create a residual income and get a little peace of mind.

Many of our retiree clients tell us it’s nice to know that when they go away, someone is there keeping an eye on things and their pets for them. Other Baby Boomer clients tell us they’ve bought it to use as a guesthouse.

So, whether you want an additional income stream, you want someone to keep an eye on your pets and other things while you’re away, you want a hobby, craft room or a guesthouse, a Turnkey Portable Buildings structure¬†is one of the best things you can do to improve your cash-flow, lifestyle and your property.

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Why? Because acreage owners are laughing all the way to the bank by installing several Turnkey Portable Buildings structures on their properties and renting them out!

Do you own acreage? If you do, you may be sitting on a gold mine! Over the past 18 months we’ve seen a huge demand from owners of acreage properties for our Granny Flats and Portable Buildings.

They tell us our Portable Buildings provide them with a great rental return, and because they have larger properties and space, by installing more than one, the rent and the added value to their property keeps rolling in.

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Why? Because nothing is more detrimental in the hospitality business than having to turn people away. A Turnkey Portable Buildings structure gives you quality accommodation housing for low cost, so customers get to enjoy a romantic, relaxing and private stay, and you get to increase your profits and income.

Dotty and Max had a problem most B&B owners would love to have! Their Bed and Breakfast was growing fast, but they were turning people and income away because they were always full.

After careful consideration they decided to buy five Granny Flats and couldn’t be happier. They’ve now got more accommodation for their guests, they’ve increased their income, and their business is thriving.

Want your own Turnkey Portable Buildings solution? Call 0451 876 943 today!

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